Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We got through our first week and Cinco de Mayo!

It's the start of our 3rd week and its gone by so fast! We got through opening week, managed to handle the huge Cinco de Mayo holiday and introduce some new items on our menu. Still so much more to do and we're glad to see alot of familiar faces coming back for more!

After 32 tries someone has finally conquered our Monster Burrito Challenge. Congratulations goes to TAMPA (pictured - Golf clap everyone). We thought he would fall short like many others have but he manage to consumer the last 1/4 of the burrito down in the last minute. Amazing! We can't say he stayed to bask in his accomplishment as he was quick to run out the front door. He came back more than 30 minutes later. He had to handle his burrito business he said. He came in later after work around 2am to claim his free dinner. So that makes it Monster Burrito 33 vs. The People 1. Good luck to all the other challengers, we have a new challenge we'll be debuting soon, something really enticing.

And we're finally putting some new additions to our lonely walls, finally something to gaze at aside from news during the day, sports in the afternoon, and family guy late night!

Until our next update! . . . .

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